⭐SlingShot DAO (Overview)

SlingShot DAO aims to unite and amplify the voices of creatives worldwide, fostering a fair and inclusive platform. By harnessing the power of community, we hope to bring the world's most brilliant ideas to life. You – the community – are the heartbeat of the SlingShot DAO dream.

SlingShot DAO In a nutshell.....

  • A community organized and run by the individual community members themselves

  • A place where ideas can flourish into fully-fledged experiences via our App

  • An open, inclusive space where anyone can join and participate

  • An ecosystem where everyone is rewarded justly

The App

The SlingShot App (sometimes referred to as the SlingShot Platform) helps coordinate individual community members to grow mere thoughts into ideas and in turn into real experiences.

Essentially, individual community members:

  • Submit ideas using the SlingShot app interface for new and exciting games and experiences

  • Vote on their favorite gaming ideas as displayed on the Leaderboards

  • Claim rewards for their participation (Submitting ideas & voting)

  • Build - Talented individuals, small teams, and Studios receive support from the SlingShot DAO Treasury to build winning ideas.

  • Stay up to date with the progress the chosen Studios make, in regard to each winning idea

Our Vision

β€œLet’s build a new playing field.”

Our Mission

β€œWe curate and launch the world’s next big ideas.”

Our Values

  • Community first.

  • The decisions we make will need to be the best choice for the community. If we have a choice between a good business decision that will hurt them and a lesser business decision that will inspire the community - we will take the latter.

  • Cultivate integrity.

  • We don't steal, lie, or cheat. We don't slander or drag others down. We act in good faith and believe others are as well. We don't assume negative intent from others.

  • Celebrate differences.

  • Diversity and inclusion, everyone is welcome here. We highlight diverse voices in our marketing, though not solely because they are diverse. We show their good ideas. We also appreciate differences in business opinions. We value healthy debate.

  • Pursue freedom.

  • Our community wants to be free from jobs and lives they hate. We inspire them to take action to build the life of their dreams.

  • Take action.

  • We are action-oriented. We pride ourselves on being a community that is actually doing the things a lot of DAOs say they will get to "someday". We don't talk about our plans, we build them. We focus on what we are building now to make it the highest quality it can be.

  • Build quality.

  • We don't "just ship it". We don't create the "minimum viable". We build quality every time. If it isn't great, we will give something more time. We believe "great" is better than "done". We look to our leaders to guide us through strong decision-making so we are not caught in the perfection trap.

  • Laugh more.

  • We have fun. We are witty, funny, and sarcastic. We express joy daily. We love making each other laugh.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get started is by joining the SlingShot DAO Community via Discord and following on Twitter.

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