Keeping things fair

How SlingShot DAO makes the process inclusive and fair

By design, the β€˜locking’ up system helps to keep things fair. The locking up mechanic allocates greater Voting Power to those who are most aligned with the long term vision of the DAO. So individual community members with smaller GEMS holdings can end up with greater Voting Power based on their commitment and lock duration relative to other individual community members who may have larger GEMS holdings.

You can learn more about locking up tokens here.

Capped Voting for Whales

An industry-first, capped voting mechanism has been put in place to ensure any whales e.g. VC investors who happen to hold a large amount of tokens will see their voting power capped at a maximum of 40% of the total vote. This ensures that the individual community members truly have their voices heard and direct SlingShot DAO as they see appropriate. The community truly rules the roost.

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