Platform Limitations

A guide to what can and can't be built in certain platforms.

Every platform has its limitations restricting what can and can't be built within them. As these platforms develop, the limitations will slowly be lifted, providing builders with the freedom to create whatever they want.

For now, when users are building on these platforms they need to review the limitations and adapt the builds to meet these restrictions.

Use the quick links below to see the current limitations within our partner platforms. Please note these are not exhaustive list. We have chosen to highlight the main game breaking items.

When submitting ideas to the SlingShot App please review the limitations prior to submission to make sure your idea does not contain items that would not be possible to build in your chosen Platform.

If a winning idea contains limitations that cannot be built in the chosen platform, the commissioned studio will do their best to adapt the idea to work within the restrictions.

Note - All ideas submitted to the SlingShot App will still be charged the submission fee even if they are later rejected due to not meeting the limitation guidelines.

Metaverse Limitations Quick Links

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