An ERC-20 token that powers SlingShot DAO

What is $SLING?

SlingShot DAO has adopted the $SLING token - an ERC-20 token.

$SLING is both a utility and governance token.


It's important to note that within the SlingShot DAO App, $SLING is referred to as GEMS. The two function identically, just with different names. Please see the GEMS page for more information on using GEMS on the SlingShot App.


Once $SLING (GEMS) are locked in a voting escrow smart contract, you will receive Voting Power. Voting Power can be used for:

1 - Gaming ideas - cast your vote for your favorite gaming ideas each epoch on the SlingShot app and earn rewards.

2 - Governance - Voting power can also be used to govern the SlingShot DAO. You can submit proposals as well as vote on proposals that impact the direction of the ecosystem.


$SLING can be used to submit governance proposals and vote on governance matters. You can do this here: https://slingshotdao.com/governance Before you can vote for a proposal, you will need to lock up your $SLING (GEMS) to receive voting power. You can find more information on how to lock up your GEMS HERE.

See below for some quick links to handy $SLING token-related topics. Alternatively, use the navigation bar on the left-hand side to find the topic you seek.


How do I get $SLING / GEMS?

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