Voting Rewards

To earn rewards, you don’t need to be a creative genius full of ideas or even have the skills to build in the metaverse. You can get your hands on SlingShot rewards by simply voting for your favorite idea within the leaderboards. You can learn more about the full Voting process here.

What type of rewards will I get for Voting?

The simple answer is: $SLING tokens! - If you cast a vote, you will receive $SLING tokens as a reward! (even if the idea you voted for does not win!).

How much $SLING will I get?

The exact amount of tokens you'll receive will correspond to the amount of voting power you used to vote. SlingShot app rewards individual community members who come back each time and vote for their favorite ideas. The total voting rewards available in an epoch are algorithmically determined based on the amount of Voting Power participation relative to the total voting power available in the system. There is a fixed quantity of $SLING tokens allocated for voter rewards for each epoch. Once an epoch concludes, these tokens are divided amongst voting users relative to their Voting Power as a percentage of the total voting power used that epoch.

The reward calculation within an epoch can be summarised as:

(user's voting power used Γ· total voting power used) x reward tokens available = user's voting reward

How do I claim my voting rewards?

With the SlingShot app, claiming your rewards is as easy as pie. After the end of an epoch, eligible individual community members will receive their pro-rata share of the rewards on a 30 day vesting schedule. To save on gas fees and blockchain congestion, voting rewards are not automatically distributed, but are easy to claim by visiting your wallet in the SlingShot app and clicking: β€œClaim Rewards” before proceeding with the on-chain transaction. Once claimed, these tokens become readily available in your wallet.

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