🌠SlingShot App (Overview)

What is the SlingShot App?

An evolution of the crowdsourcing concept that will bring all individual community members together, inspire and facilitate the creation of high-quality content. This is the first step towards building a robust ecosystem that benefits all different users in the space. Slingshot DAO will incentivize and give grants to the best ideas from within the community, supported by the SlingShot Treasury and of course, the individual community members themselves.

In a nutshell, it is a place for individual community members to:

  • Submit ideas for new and exciting games and experiences

  • Vote on their favorite gaming ideas as displayed on the Leaderboards

  • Claim rewards for their participation (Submitting ideas & voting)

  • Build - Talented individuals, small teams, and Studios receive support from the SlingShot DAO Treasury to build winning ideas.

  • Stay up to date with the progress the chosen Studios make, in regard to each winning idea.

How it works

The SlingShot App consists of four main sections. Use the handy quick links below or use the navigation bar on the left to learn more.

SlingShot App sections

Idea Submission (New ideas!)

Voting in the leaderboards (Vote for your favorite idea!)

Build for the DAO (The talented people that bring the ideas to life!)

Rewards (Claim rewards for your participation!)

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