Ideation Rewards

Sling and Dollars baby!

Let’s talk about rewards for the Ideators - the creative people that submit ideas for the projects to begin with. The ideas themselves receive support from the SlingShot DAO Treasury to be created. But what about the Ideators themselves? Well, they are rewarded in several different ways.

Let's discuss the rewards for Ideators, the creative individuals who submit ideas for projects. These ideas get support from the SlingShot DAO Treasury for creation. As for the Ideators, they receive various types of rewards.

250,000 $SLING tokens!

Ideators that submitted winning ideas will receive a massive 250,000 $SLING reward. This reward will be streamed to the ideator linearly, over 12 months.

250,000 $SLING token amount is a parameter which can be changed by governance.

$2,000 USDC Dollars! - (Limited time only!)

SlingShot DAO will reward winning ideators with a cash prize, good old fashioned Dollars. Well, on chain dollars! USDC to be exact. Each winning idea is rewarded with $2,000 USDC.

This is a 3 month pilot program which can be changed by governance. Click here for more info.

How do I claim my idea submission rewards?

Currently, these rewards will be sent out manually once the voting window in each epoch has closed and the winning ideas have been chosen.

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