Voting Rounds FAQs

Frequently asked questions all about Grant Cycles.

What is a Voting round?

Voting Rounds run over 30 days allowing individual community members to vote for their favorite ideas in the leaderboard section of the SlingShot app. At the end of a round, the idea with the most votes will win, and proceed to be created.

Why do people refer to voting rounds as epochs?

Blockchain time is measured in epoch time, so this the common term used for ranges of time when relating to it.

How long does a voting round last?

Currently, voting rounds run over a 30 day period.

This is a parameter changeable by governance.

What happens when a voting round ends?

When the voting round ends the winning idea/s will be transferred to the creators portal. This is where studios apply to build the winning ideas. The best fit is awarded the role to build the idea and receive funding from the SlingShot DAO Treasury.

Idea rewards are distributed to the idea submitter.

Voting rewards are distributed to everyone who participated in the voting.

Voting round durations and time between voting rounds end and start, are parameters changeable by governance.

Can two voting rounds be running at the same time?

No, only one voting round will be running at a time, but multiple leaderboards can be live per round.

Where do the grants come from?

The SlingShot DAO Treasury provides the funding for the gaming ideas to be built, which the individual community members voted for.

The size of the grants is a parameter changeable by governance.

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