Ideas FAQs

Frequently asked questions all about Ideas.

How do I submit an Idea?
Who can submit ideas?

Everyone can submit ideas, all you need is a wallet, a small amount of Gems, and a little bit of inspiration! When you submit your ideas, they receive a quality check to ensure the idea does not breach the SlingShot DAOs competition rules.

How many ideas can I submit?

There is no limit on the number of ideas you can submit. Please try to submit high quality ideas.

How many ideas can I have on the leaderboard in each grant cycle?

Currently, there is no hardcoded limit in place for the number of ideas that can enter into a voting round. We ask that you submit at most 1 idea per grant cycle to give everyone an opportunity to participate.

Can I resubmit an idea that loses?

Yes, you most definitely can resubmit an idea that has previously lost. We encourage you to continue growing your idea, adding detail and building hype.

Who owns the idea's intellectual property(IP) of an idea after submission?

On submission of an idea, the IP is transferred from the Ideator to the DAO.

What’s my role after submitting an idea? (I’ve submitted my idea, now what?)

After submitting an idea, you should do whatever you can to help it win. Whether that's hosting discussions on Discord AMAs or Tweeting about your idea. We empower you to succeed.

Where can I view my submitted idea?

You can view your ideas by heading to the profile menu and clicking “My Ideas“. This section contains all your ideas along with their status

What is the reward if my idea wins?

The current reward for a winning idea is $2K USDC lump sum and a generous number of GEMS.

Which platform should I choose for my idea?

Note: Currently, you can only choose Roblox. In future there will be more platforms to choose between. The world is your oyster. Each platform is unique. You should review the platform limitations documentation before submitting your idea as it will help determine which platform is right for your experience. Saying that, if you’ve got a good idea but are not too bothered about which platform it goes into, go have a play with the different platforms and see which you like more!

Can I submit my idea to multiple platforms?

Yes, you can. Each submission will be an additional cost.

What does “Grants Available“ mean?

This is the number of ideas that can receive funding in a given voting round, meaning if there are two grants available, the top two ideas will win and be built.

Who builds the winning ideas?

To start, only approved studios (and individuals) will able to bid on winning ideas. As the DAO grows and becomes more decentralized we will build in technology that drives new creatives to come build the latest winning ideas.

What happens if my idea does not win?

We recommend engaging with the community to gather feedback to improve and resubmit the idea.

What happens to my Idea if it’s rejected?

Rejected ideas will be archived. Currently, there is no public view of rejected ideas or in the history of previous voting rounds.

Why was my idea rejected?

This can happen for a few different reasons. Ideas are reviewed on submission against our terms and conditions and for quality control. Quality control: Ideas are reviewed to ensure only good quality ideas make it onto the leaderboard. This is to prevent low effort submissions from flooding the leaderboards. Terms and conditions: Any ideas that break the T&Cs will be rejected and archived. We will try our best to contact the person who submitted the idea on socials to give them a reason for rejection.

How does an idea get funded?

Ideas enter the voting rounds and can be voted on in the leaderboard. Each voting round details the number of available grants and their value. Winning ideas receive a grant to be built by our growing community of builders and the idea submitter always receives a juicy reward.

Do I retain the IP if my idea doesn’t win?

Check out our Intellectual Property documentation and T&Cs to dive in deeper.

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