Frequently asked questions about the various Metaverses and their connection to Slingshot DAO

What are GEMS?

Please see the GEMS page

How do I get GEMS?

Please see 'How to get GEMS' page

How do I withdraw Gems from bot? in Discord?

Send a direct message with command β€œ$withdraw sling” (without quotation marks) and follow the bot’s instructions. You will require a web3 wallet address on Polygon to complete the withdrawal. For help with please use command $help in β β πŸ€–οΈ±command-the-bots

Why did I stop receiving Gems rewards?

Gems rewards are distributed to voters over 30-days after a voting round ends. If you are currently receiving no Gems rewards it is likely that you didn’t participate in a voting round that ended in the last 30 days.

What happens with my Gems after the Unlock Date is reached?

After the unlock date, Gems can be withdrawn to your Web3 wallet or locked to receive voting power.

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