Leaderboards and Voting Rounds

What are Leaderboards?

The Leaderboards are where the magic happens. It's where all the best ideas are voted upon by the SlingShot DAO individual community members. All ideas submitted by the individual community members are collected, curated, and then published into Leaderboards.

What is a Voting Round?

A Voting round ( sometimes referred to as a grant cycle or epoch), is a two-week period in which individual community members vote for their favorite ideas presented in the Leaderboards. The Leaderboards will open at the start of a voting round and then close at the end. When open, this is referred to as a 'Live Leaderboard'.

For more information on Voting, read on here.

What happens after a Voting Round ends?

At the end of a Voting Round, several key things will happen.

  • The top voted idea wins and is transferred to the builders portal. This is where talented Builders (community members) submit bids to build the ideas. SlingShot DAO Treasury supports this development esuring the winning idea is turned into a reality! You can learn more about the building phase here.

  • Rewards are distributed to the idea submitter and to everyone that voted in the specific Voting Round. Learn more about rewards here.

  • The next Voting Round begins and the next leaderboard will go live! It’s as simple as that.

What happens if your project does not win the Leaderboard?

Unfortunately, there can only be one winner per Leaderboard, per Voting Round. (unless multiple grants are available for that round). The good news is that the idea that comes in second place is rewarded with 1 more chance. The runner-up project will be automatically placed into the following Voting Round Leaderboard.

What happens if the runner up Idea does not win the following Voting Round?

If the runner up project fails to win first place in the following Voting Round, it will then be removed from the leaderboards and added to the archives along with all the other unsuccessful projects.

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