4. Upload Thumbnail

Use this space to upload an image that clearly represents your project.

Every idea needs a great image! (Thumbnail). Voters will look at this picture on the leaderboard before reading anything about your idea, so try and make it look interesting! The aim of this thumbnail is to interest them enough to stop scrolling the leaderboards and click on your idea to learn more. It should represent your idea in style / content / text.

Technical specifications:

A. Your image should be 1000x500 pixels.

B. It should be a JPEG or PNG file format.

Tip: Keep any text centered. This image will appear in numerous places on the platform (like on the leaderboards!), so we recommend you keep any included text centered to avoid being cropped. Text is optional! - in fact, it’s sometimes nicer without if you have strong visuals. It’s 100% your call.

Have you considered using AI to generate visuals for your thumbnail?

See the media creation guide for more details on using Ai to generate awesome concept artwork for your idea submission.

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