🚦Bidding Best Practices

You're welcome to submit your bids in the format that best represents your vision and way of working, but to help you get started, here are some outlined best practices.

Below is a breakdown of the content that will be sought by SlingShot DAO and community when awarding bids.


It is recommend to include the following sections:

Headline Estimates

The overall cost and time figures. If using agile methods, then outline a higher and lower bracket based on the number of expected sprints.

e.g. $25,000 over 8 weeks.

Final Concept

Your vision for this project and how it'll look and feel in the end! Please call out revisions due to technical limitations, anticipated cost-saving measures, or opportunities to improve upon the concept.

Bids that demonstrate a firm grounding in what's possible and realistic are more likely to be awarded than grandiose but unrealistic proposals. This should stay close to the original idea that was green-lit by the community.

Include concepts and/or prototyping you have worked on. The more, the better! Dazzle the community.


The timeline of sprints and/or development phases. Be sure to highlight milestones for community feedback and touch-point sessions.

A detailed breakdown between the concept development, building and testing phases would be beneficial. A Gantt chart helps visualise these stages.

Hours & Resource Estimate

A more detailed breakdown of the headline estimates. Outline the headcount and resources you will engage. If you can, then break down the hours per resource that you estimate will be needed.

Exclusions & Limitations

Explicitly state any limitations in implementing the original idea. Include your workarounds and/or alternative suggestions.

i.e. You cannot currently fly in the Sandbox. Our workaround would be to install jumping platforms for the players to traverse.

Previous Success / Experience

Highlight your past accomplishments. If you've completed similar projects, emphasize them. Include any proprietary technology or intellectual property that will enhance the game or experience in your proposal.

The community is eager to be impressed and see proof of your skills that can be applied to the project.

Team Background

Please include some background on yourself and the team.

Communication is important during the buildout process, between the Studios and the DAO. These will include update calls during development and product demos and trailers.

SlingShot DAO remains committed to enhancing communication and fostering community growth through ongoing collaboration.

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