The Sandbox Limitations

The Sandbox Game(TSB) has several limitations within the platform. The following is a list of the current critical limitations. This list will be reviewed and updated periodically as the platform grows.

Please note that although this list attempts to capture the main limitations within TSB, it is not an exhaustive list. In addition to the list provided, Ideators should conduct their own due diligence before submitting ideas to the Slingshot app.

  1. Only social hubs allow for multiplayer game-play with behaviours coming soon to make hubs more game-play friendly

  2. No shooting or projectiles

  3. No flying

  4. Simple enemy and boss battles (define)

  5. No cutscenes

  6. No weather

  7. Cannot have real-time day cycles

  8. Cannot select different players

  9. No official in-game currency

  10. No open-source coding

  11. No custom UI

  12. No custom inventory design

  13. No custom NPC text boxes

  14. Cannot mount anything atm (no animals to ride or vehicles to drive)

  15. Limited sounds and only music from TSB library

  16. Limited special effects (SFX)

  17. Assets have a limited number of nodes and faces for performance-related issues (this refers to making models in VoxEdit. The rule of thumb is the lower the numbers, the better but this also changes the design. A tree can look so amazing with many parts - let's say 25 nodes and 6000 faces but think about applying 100 of these trees in a game to make a forest. It has a huge issue with performance

  18. No levelling up system from experience points(EXP) collected

What Can I Make?

The Sandbox has provided examples of experiences you can create using The Sandbox Game Maker resources and tools.

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