6. Explain your idea

It's time to explain your idea! Go nuts!

The purpose of this section is to clearly explain your idea and convince the reader to vote for it! How you choose to do that, is entirely up to you! Given the huge variety of types of ideas, there is no β€˜one size fits all’ way to create an idea page. This page will briefly cover the types of content you may wish to write about.

Keep in mind, it's best to avoid chucking everything and the kitchen sink at your idea - if it's too long, no one will bother reading it. Far better to be short and sweet! Focus mostly on the important bits! You can shout about some of the finer details in Discord / during the event's discussions.

Describing your idea

Here are some prompts to help you explain your idea. You do NOT need to include all of them. Pick and choose the ones you feel are most relevant.

  • An overview of the idea / Elevator Pitch (this is also included on the right of the submitted idea)

  • Gameplay

  • What is the goal of the idea?

  • What is the setting?

  • What is the story?

  • Who are the characters?

  • What makes your idea special?

  • What games / experiences could you compare this to?

  • Concept art / drawings

  • How to keep the game relevant

  • Marketing strategy

  • Monetization strategy

Idea Graphics

Using the built-in editor, you can customize this space with Titles, GIFs, artwork, descriptions, and links. For more information on using the editor, please see the Editor Guide here.

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