Video Creation

Let's create your idea video!

You've probably heard the expression 'A picture says a thousand words'... well, there's roughly 30 pictures in every second of video. Think how many words that would be?! Your video is vitally important to help viewers quickly understand your idea and importantly to convince them to vote for it!

Fortunately, there's plenty of ways (many of them free!) to create great videos to showcase your idea. For example, the video below was made using Artwork generated by Artificial intelligence! So, you see, you don't need to be a wizard graphic designer to create cool looking content.

What do I need to put in the video?

In general, people usually watch the videos at the top of the ideas pages before deciding to read through the following idea text. So, it's important to upload a video that grabs their attention! It could be a 15 second teaser trailer, a short recording of yourself explaining the project or perhaps a slideshow of concept art you have prepared. The options are endless. Your video doesn't need to be super slick (if it is, then great!). Some of the best videos are a little DIY. Your idea is what counts! That said, it is important to record with clear audio, good lighting and a steady camera (use a tripod if possible!). You may also wish to consider adding captions or subtitles to help as many people as possible to clearly understand your idea.

Help! I'm not a video editor!

Although the scope of this guide does not cover the basics of editing, you will find a useful list of resources (including full tutorials) to help you create an awesome video in our Media Creation resources.

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