5. Upload Video

This video sits at the very top of your idea page!

In general, people would rather watch a short video than read through the idea text. So, it's important to upload a video of some kind to wow the voters. It could be a 15 second teaser trailer, a short recording of yourself explaining the project or perhaps a montage of concept art you have prepared. The options are endless. Use your imagination!

Technical specifications:

A. Format: .MP4 or .Mov

B. File size limit: 500mb

C. Duration: 2 minutes (maximum) Tip: Your video doesn't need to be super slick (if it is, then great!). Some of the best videos are a little DIY. Your idea is what counts! That said, it is important to record with clear audio, adequate lighting and a steady camera (use a tripod if possible!). You may also wish to consider adding Captions / Subtitles to help as many people as possible clearly understand your idea. Have you considered using Ai to generate visuals for your video? For more hints and tips on creating images and Video, see our Media Creation guide

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