Please note, GEMS = $SLING tokens. For this explanation, it is safe to think of $SLING and GEMS as the same thing. Embodying community-first values, SlingShot's unique rewards system ensures that dedicated members receive the fruits of their efforts. A significant 400 million $SLING tokens (8% of the total supply), ( are reserved specifically for Ideators and Voters who inspire and curate top-notch gaming ideas.

Every participant should be justly rewarded for their engagement and contributions to the DAO, which is why a plethora of rewards are set aside for distribution among individual community members.

These incentives encourage members to consistently contribute to the DAO's success, with some rewards being notably generous.

The Split

1% - 50,000,000 $SLING is reserved for Ideators over 52 epochs. 250,000 $SLING per winning ideator.

7% - 350,000,000 $SLING is reserved for individual community member voters, to be distributed through the on-chain rewards smart contract, over 52 epochs.

250,000 $SLING token amount is a parameter that can be changed by governance.

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