Remind your friends to vote!

Why it pays to remind you friends to vote?

The Slingshot DAO has set aside a massive amount of $SLING tokens for rewards (350,000,000 $SLING tokens / 7% of the total supply). Every individual community member that votes during an epoch gets a share of that epoch's allocated $SLING token rewards.

SlingShot's on-chain calculation, based on a convex curve, ensures that rewards rise with increasing participation rates, motivating individual community members to encourage their fellow community members to vote and foster an ever-growing, vibrant community. If only a smaller amount of people vote in an epoch, then a smaller percentage of the allocated $SLING for that epoch will be released. The remainder of the $SLING which was allocated, but NOT used due to lower participation rates, are rolled over. 50% of any unused $SLING is rolled over to the following epoch, whilst the other 50% is split equally between all remaining epochs.

So it really does benefit the individual community members to shout from the rooftops! Encourage your friends to vote. Jump into the Discord server and remind everyone to have their say!

What happens if only a small amount of people vote?

If there is a low voting turnout, then not all the available $SLING allocated as rewards will be distributed. Should any $SLING rewards remain undistributed in an epoch, 50% will roll over into the next epoch, while the remaining 50% will be evenly distributed amongst the remaining epochs. This rollover mechanic not only creates excitement but also encourages users to remain actively engaged with the platform.

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