What are GEMS?

GEMS (also known as $SLING) drive all activity on the SlingShot app. It's important to note that GEMS are in fact ERC-20 Crypto tokens named: $SLING. For simplicity, from this point on, this guide will only refer to them as GEMS. To make use of your GEMS, you will first need to lock them up in exchange for voting power.

What is Voting Power used for?

  1. Gaming ideas - Cast your vote for your favorite gaming ideas on the SlingShot app and earn rewards (MORE GEMS!) for simply participating!

Submit game ideas

To submit your fresh new gaming idea, you will need a very small amount of GEMS in your wallet to complete the submission. This is simply to log the transaction on the blockchain. They will need to be unlocked GEMS (Not locked up for Voting power.).

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