2. The Basics

The answers you give in this section are to help voters quickly understand what your idea is about.

You will need to fill out the following information boxes.

1. Idea Title (100 characters limit)

Short titles usually work best! Select something voters will remember!

2. Subtitle (200 characters limit)

Although this has a 200 character limit, try and limit it to one or two sentences. It should effectively give the reader an understanding of the idea and it's genre.

3. Elevator Pitch - (800 maximum characters)

Give an overview of your idea. It is the first time voters will be introduced to your idea, so this is your golden opportunity to help them understand why it’s such a great idea! Don’t worry, there are other sections in this submission form for you to include more details, so try and keep this one to a single paragraph. This Elevator pitch appears on the right-hand side of the idea page at all times, so make it a good one!

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